David De Gea – The boy just needs time

In my opinion the toughest job in the world is being a goalkeeper for the biggest club in the world, and your replacing a club legend a fans favorite.  Edwin Van Der Sar has retired and the only good keeper Manchester United had was Lindergaard. This caused alarm at Manchester United Football Club, so Sir Alex Ferguson had no choice but to dip into the summer transfer window for a goalkeeper. He had many choices, Stucklenberg, Nuer, Buffon (contract talks broke down at the time), De Gea and many others. After Manuel Nuers superb showing against Manchester United in the Champions League semi final, we all thought he was coming to us. As the days went buy in the summer, we were constantly reading rumors of Manuel Nuer heading to Bayern Munchen, and then later on it happened. Nuer had left. So Ferguson sprung to sign a player, inexperienced, young, although has lots of potential. His name was David De Gea. We signed De Gea in July days after the U-21 Euro Championship, which he helped Spain win, at. 1.93 meters De Gea was not as tall as Van Der Sar, but boy can he do the job well.

Ferguson splashed 20 million pounds on this boy, and judging by his performances this season, I think he was worth every penny. His first few games weren’t the best in his first game against Manchester City he was to blame for both goals. The first goal was scored due to the lack of communication between De Gea and the defense. The second goal just went under him by a venomous shot by Dzeko. Although De Gea made up for it in the second half with bags of stunning saves, helping us win the Community Shield. In his first Premier League game, Shane Long scored the equalizing goal in a 2-1 win against West Brom, the goal was because of De Gea’s poor handling of the ball. As the games went on he gradually improved. Keeping a clean sheet against a tough Spurs side.  He also saved a penalty hit by Robin Van Persie in the 8-2 thumping of Arsenal at Old Trafford. Then their was THAT save against Chelsea which made the whole world gasp, even Peter Shmeichel got up from his seat and gave a huge clap to that stunning save.  It all started when Torres took the ball inside the box he was heading straight to De Gea, De Gea run to Torres, who passed the ball to Ramires standing in front of an open net, De Gea jumped in front of the ball to denying Ramires scoring. The stadium erupted. Every mistake De Gea does the English press attacks him and over exaggerates it. Peter Barclay attacked De Gea in an article and questioned Sir Alex Ferguson’s scouts for scouting him for over 4 months, and the amount they paid for an average goalkeeper.

Take the doughnut incident as an example,  it was reported that De Gea stole a doughnut from Tesco, and The Sun made a laughing stock out of De Gea. Few days later De Gea explained that he took the doughnut then wanted to pay for it. He looked into his pocket and found out that he forget his wallet, he went into his car and the security caught him, end of story. The Sun said he was a thief, and stated that a player who earn 60K a week steals a doughnut and what not. Then they said he was dropped due to his incident. All they want to do is make David De Gea look foolish. It’s hard enough to be a twenty year old foreign goalkeeper playing for the biggest club in the world replacing Edwin Van Der Sars shoes, but De Gea is doing really well.

De Gea has many strengths, his shot stopping and his reflexes are one of them. If you look back to the Bolton, Chelsea, and Arsenal matches, those are all great examples of his strengths. De Gea has weaknesses, but to be fair, he’s only twenty. His commandment in the box isn’t the best, but that’s due to the lack of understanding because he doesn’t speak English as well as our back four. His handling was quite alarming in the beginning of the season, but he’s been gradually improving.

De Gea under Sir Alex Ferguson will flourish, this boy is going places, in a few years time he’ll be second choice for Spain or even first. With the experience of Manchester United goalkeeper coach Eric Steal De Gea is going to be one of the best goalkeepers the league has got. And dare I say it, he could even be better than Edwin Van Der Sar.

By KhalidMUFC

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