The Ginger Prince has improved!

     It was a rainy day in Manchester, and the locals were getting ready for a classic cup clash with bitter rivals Manchester City. Manchester City versus Manchester United, nothing can get bigger than this. Both sets of fans came into the stadium anticipating a regular match with no surprises. However, things didn’t go to plan. Paul Scholes a local lad from Salford came out of retirement aged 37 years old. Scholes retired in May 31 2011, making 676 appearances and scoring 150 goals for Manchester United. He was the best midfielder in his generation. He was technically gifted and had an eye for goal.

On May 31 2011, Manchester United lost a legend. Paul Scholes decided it was time to hang up his boots. After the Champions League final many people believed that it was Paul Scholes’ final appearance for Manchester United. The Barcelona players knew it too. Paul Scholes was first used as an attacking midfielder scoring some vital goals early on in his career. He then developed into a box-to-box midfielder, scoring goals and also stopping them. Long range shots and long-range passes were his strengths, his weakness was tackling, earning quiet a few cards in his time. Scholes endured a great playing career, playing in two Champion League finals and won them both. He was suspended for the famous 1999 Champions League final. On the 24th of January 2006, Paul Scholes was ruled out for the rest of the campaign. He had been suffering double visions in his right eye after the Birmingham City match on December 28th. This was Scholes’ low point in his career. He later retired from international football to concentrate on winning trophies with United.

After his retirement, Scholes became Manchester United’s reserve coach. His presence with the younger players impacted their performance on the pitch. After a few months Scholes wanted a change. A few days before the Manchester derby, Paul Scholes wanted to speak to Ferguson about coming out of retirement. He eventually came out of retirement and was given the number 22 shirt.  Scholes started with a bang. His first game back was against bitter rivals Manchester City. He came on as a substitute, and completed more passes than the entire City team. Later on, on his first Premier League game he scored a goal and his passing had a 90.04% success rate. Scholes without a doubt improved his attacking third passing. He has been successful in most of his attacking third passes.


As you can see here, his attacking third passes aren’t the best, but Manchester United have been benefiting from them. United haven’t lost a single league match whenever Scholes featured. His eye for goal is a danger for the opposition, and his long rage passing is probably the best out there. Many Manchester United fans and journalists are predicting that Scholes will continue onto next season at United. Other fans think that it’s not the best thing. They think it’s time for a change, out with the old and in with the new. That doesn’t seem right to me. Each team needs a mixture of experienced players with a blend of young talent, and Manchester United have that. Paul Scholes is an important figure in the dressing room. All the players look up to him, given the fact that he’s a one-club player. Many think that Scholes is the perfect central midfielder, however a few fans, including me think otherwise. There are same areas of Paul Scholes’ game that needs slight improvement.

Some of his strengths are short and long rage passing, long shots, and leadership on the field. These traits are vital for any footballer, especially a footballer that plays for Manchester United. However, many people don’t realise that there are other stuff that Scholes is excellent at, but can’t see it in front of them. His aggression is superb; the fact that he’s a local lad helps too. However, he’s not the tallest person on the pitch, although he’s never afraid to get stuck in. He always loves a good tackle. Speaking about his strengths, his passing is second to none. He can pick out a pass from anywhere. Whether it’s 10 yards away or 65 yards away, Scholes has that skill. Which is very vital for a central midfielder. It’s a rare quality. Xavi, Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Iniesta, Lampard, and Scholes are the only players who spring to mind when you think of long-range passers. These six players are world class, because of that trait that sets them apart from the rest of the central midfielders.

When we talk about his weaknesses only one thing springs to mind, his tackling. Good old Scholes can’t tackle. We’re talking about a player who has 146 yellow cards to his name, for a central midfielder. He averages 9.44 yellow cards a season. He has been sent of 10 times as well. He averages 0.66 sending offs a season. He needs to work on his tackling. Scholes is almost 38 and some fans think he shouldn’t improve. He’s too old. However, I think Scholes should practice his tackling. It’s never to old to learn something new. Given the fact that there is speculation that Scholes might extended his contract until the next season, it won’t hurt if he improves. Sir Alex hints that Scholes might continue, he had this to say: “With the form he’s showing at the moment, there’s no reason to think he couldn’t play on.”

What does the future hold for Scholes? I personally think if he can extend his stay for another season, he’ll easily earn three medals at least. A premier league this year, community shield next season, another league medal the following season, and maybe a domestic cup, even a Euros championship with England if Harry Redknapp decides to take charge of the national time. Time after time Redknapp states that Scholes would be a great addition to England, and that Scholes is the best midfielder the country has seen. So why not? He might go to Poland and Ukraine and run the show for the three lions. Things are looking good for Scholes. If he does carry one for another season I personally think he’s going to play another 50 games, score 5 goals, gets one red card, and 12 yellow cards. Without a doubt, every Manchester United fan had a smile on his face when Scholes was in the squad to face Manchester City. Hopefully next year he brings many smiles to our faces.

By KhalidMUFC

First successful month

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Michael Carrick – Manchester United best player this season?




A sigh of relief was echoed around Old Trafford as Michael Carrick’s name wasn’t in the starting line up. Months after months the fans disliked him, every mistake that occurred, Michael Carrick was blamed. He didn’t pass the ball correctly, he didn’t clear the ball more accurately, the fans complained, and that was harsh on Michael. However, right now, the fans would cheer his name, he is the key to our midfielder problems, time after time he has been accused of a poor passing rate and passing it backwards quite often; now he became a fans favorite, passing the ball more smoothly, creating goals, and even scoring them. How come suddenly he’s a fans favorite?


At the start of the season, the midfield duo of Andeson and Tom Cleverley emerged, United were unbeaten for four games, both of them started in those four games. United in the process of those four games scored 28 goals and conceded three goals. Everything was going great, Anderson continued on his spectacular form, which started at the end of last season. Tom Cleverley broke into the first team, and managed to hold down a starting role, after his superb showing in the Community Shield victory of Manchester City. He was the key into the equalizing goal, passing the ball in tight areas freely; the goal was a treat to the eyes. Cleverly instantly became a fans favorite. This wasn’t the case in the summer though; Sir Alex was under heated criticism from the fans after he didn’t purchase a central midfielder. After months of speculation and rumors that one of Nasri, Modric, or even Wesley Sneijder will be joining the club, Sir Alex didn’t purchase any of them. In fact he purchased a winger and a 16 million teenage center back from Blackburn, the fans were baffled. The fans all wanted a central midfielder, who can pass the ball more effectively, score some goals, and boss the midfield. The midfield partnership of Cleverley and Anderson was a combination of those traits. Cleverley was passing the ball on the pitch effectively, while Anderson was scoring a couple of goals, which came against Tottenham and Norwich. During the Bolton match, Cleverley picked up an injury from a heavy Kevin Davies tackle, which sidelined Cleverley for a period of time.


With Cleverley’s injury, Sir Alex Ferguson had no choice but to partner Darren Fletcher with Anderson, which worked out well too. They started three games, a win over Chelsea, a draw against Stoke, and a win over Norwich. Anderson scored in the Norwich match, things were going pretty great for Manchester United, unbeaten in seven games, and the fans were enjoying every moment of it. Many fans were surprised that Fletcher started in all those three games, due to the fact with Fletcher’s illness. After the Norwich match, Anderson picked up a slight knock and didn’t play in the Liverpool match. At that time, he was our best midfielder, so Sir Alex picked him and Fletcher for the City match, an after that Anderson picked up another injury. So in came Wayne Rooney as a central midfielder. For two consecutive games he started as a midfielder, we won both games by one goal, because of the lack of creativity upfront. However, everything changed when Michael Carrick regained full fitness.


Michael Carrick started against Swansea, who had the best passing accuracy in the premier league, obviously this was going to be a tough match. Michael Carrick had attempted the most passes, with 96. He completed 92 of those passes, with 12 of the passes going backwards. That was a success rate of 96%. Michael started all of our league matches after the Swansea match. In all of those matches, he attempted over 40 passes, bar the Blackburn match, where he attempted 38 passes. His lowest success rate was against Bolton, where he attempted 66 passes and completed 56, with a success rate of 81%, if that’s not consistent then I don’t know what it.

He also attempted 73 passes against Wolves, and completed 66, with a success rate of 90%. He also had a success rate of 98% against Wigan, he attempted 40 passes and completed 39. Carrick also scored two goals in eleven games, his first goal came against QPR, after Joey Barton misplaced a pass, Carrick took the ball took on four QPR players, then slotted the ball into the net. His second goal came against Bolton, he received a pass, took the ball, as the Stretford End yelled out shoot, Carrick shot and scored. Michael Carrick is turning into a new player. His passing success rate is 89% for the season.




Passes completed

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 Newcastle (H)




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Full success rate:



The fans should be pretty pleased with Michaels work ethic, he never complains when he’s not picked, and when he is chosen he gives it his all. Manchester United fans need to realize that we don’t have the amount of money our neighbors have, we are winning titles and reaching Champions League finals with determination and hard work, we have the desire as a team, while most Manchester City players go there because of the high wages. Carrick is one of those players, he can go to other clubs, like Spurs or Arsenal, and he’ll get a starting role, but he remains loyal. He is now one of the most important players at the club, and not because of his performances, but also his off the field behavior, and his influence on the younger players at the club. The club is in a process of rebuilding the team, the new younger players can learn from Michael Carrick, he wasn’t liked at first, but now he is. He is a role model to our younger players, and that is very important for the clubs future.



By KhalidMUFC